I’m Kiki, noob to health and wellness. I am learning about living life without beer every day, documenting my journey from health to chronic illness and back again.

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On relapsing

I thought I was getting better. I felt a vitality I hadn’t since giving birth to my son; the antimicrobials seemed to be working, I was drinking dry wine and eating almond flour pancakes without issue. My throat was feeling better, I was working out most days, riding in my indoor bike, eating dark chocolate […]

My Story: March to May 2020- SIBO treatment and considering chronic illness

March was crazy. For everyone! I started a new diet (the Fast Tract), went to what was to become our last hurrah of an auction party for my son Gabe’s preschool where I let loose and drank for the first time in months (and didn’t feel any worse than before–in fact I felt better! This […]

My Story: January to March 2020… SIBO Struggles

January began with an intense approach to healing for me. I had scoured the internet for answers, and I found something called a Reflux Reboot. It involved eating only steamed summer squash and zucchini, kefir, coconut yogurt, and ginger tea for two weeks, along with a variety of supplements. I lasted four days…after drinking an […]

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