On relapsing

I thought I was getting better. I felt a vitality I hadn’t since giving birth to my son; the antimicrobials seemed to be working, I was drinking dry wine and eating almond flour pancakes without issue. My throat was feeling better, I was working out most days, riding in my indoor bike, eating dark chocolate […]

My Story: January to March 2020… SIBO Struggles

January began with an intense approach to healing for me. I had scoured the internet for answers, and I found something called a Reflux Reboot. It involved eating only steamed summer squash and zucchini, kefir, coconut yogurt, and ginger tea for two weeks, along with a variety of supplements. I lasted four days…after drinking an […]

My Story: October to December 2019- GERD was the word

It was October 2019. I was a month out from giving birth, recovering from a pretty bad hemorrhage after a precipitous induction, and super anemic. Our landlord told us we had to move because some of our son’s toys had gone down the drain and (possibly) caused a clog in our tub. I had just […]

Wellness Noob–WTF is that?

WTF is a wellness noob? Someone who went from drinking 4 beers a day, Starbucks mochas twice a week, at least 5 cups of coffee a day, and minimal water to being forced to re-examine themselves and their health practices to heal chronic health issues that popped up postpartum. In other words, me. Hi, I’m […]

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