Wellness Noob–WTF is that?

WTF is a wellness noob?

Someone who went from drinking 4 beers a day, Starbucks mochas twice a week, at least 5 cups of coffee a day, and minimal water to being forced to re-examine themselves and their health practices to heal chronic health issues that popped up postpartum. In other words, me.

Hi, I’m Kiki. I’m 33 and I have lived a charmed life. My biggest worry a year ago were the small wrinkle lines appearing on my forehead and around my eyes from smiling so much. A supportive family, a wonderful partner, two healthy children, amazing friends, and the privilege of getting to do what I love for work. I felt invincible. I never really thought about what I was putting in my body SERIOUSLY…I tried to eat what I considered to be healthy, but I was also a frequenter of flaming hot cheetos, snickers, reese’s, cookies, etc. I was a frequentor of music festivals and breweries. I dabbled in the Whole30 and went to spin class twice a week, so I wasn’t foreign to healthy practices either. But I had no knowledge about digestion or practices that would be supportive of my gut or long-term health.

My world turned upside down on October 10th, 2019. I had given birth to my second son a month prior, and I ended up with mastitis within a week. I had mastitis multiple times with my first son (now 3 and a half!) and knew this was likely coming. I had been on multiple rounds of antibiotics with Gabe (my 3 year old), and wanted to avoid that with Sterling. (I had ended up with multiple infections after being on all those antibiotics for months after) But one night I lay awake shaking with the chills alternating with hot flashes and a raging fever, and I drove to the pharmacy at 3 AM to pick up the dreaded but needed antibiotics. I developed an ear infection while on the antibiotics, so was put on yet another round of antibiotics. The pain was debilitating while trying to deal with breastfeeding round the clock and finding out we had to move with a very fresh newborn from our apartment. I was taking ibuprofen like candy and feeling like poop.

When I finished all the antibiotics, I celebrated with some beer while I started packing up our apartment. I was in the process of weaning as well, fearing mastitis again and even more antibiotics. So my hormone were out of whack, my husband was out of town with Gabe for a conference, and I was upset about breastfeeding not working out and stressed about packing up our entire apartment by the following week. I fell asleep that night not knowing that when I woke up, nothing would be the same.

I woke up on October 10th burping constantly and never stopped. Heart palpitations filled my day, and my anxiety flew through the roof. Thus began a journey seeking wellness that is still en route. My battle with unexplained numbness, altered sensations, acid reflux, and SIBO began then, though at the time I had no idea something called SIBO even existed.Here I am, 6 months later, noob to the world of chronic illness, but desperately seeking my path out. 

I’ve learned so much, appreciate so much, and don’t take for granted even a moment that I feel comfort or approaching “normalcy.”  My normal is new, my diet is very new, and I’m taking this one moment at a time. I’ll share the rest of my story soon, grateful to be here to connect and learn and share what I’ve learned thus far.

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